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Interview: Emma Hooper

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I am driven by the need to understand myself further. But for me I think this means understanding more fully where I—where we all—sit within the huge, ancient and wonderful intersection of all things.

The Fifth Gospel by Ian Caldwell


I’m trying to figure out how to understand Ian Caldwell’s much-awaited second novel, The Fifth Gospel, which is described by the people promoting the book as both a “literary thriller” and “a masterpiece.”

Lies, First Person by Gail Hareven


Is there a limit to freedom of expression? Should some actions not be forgiven? These two questions form the core of Israeli author Gail Hareven’s powerful novel Lies, First Person.

The Country of Ice Cream Star by Sandra Newman

Ice cream star

“My name be Ice Cream fifteen star. My brother be Driver Eighteen Star, and my ghost brother Mo-Jacques Five Star, dead when I myself was only six years old. Still my heart be rain for him, my brother dead of posies little.”

Interview: Amit Chaudhuri

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I have to clarify, as of now, that autobiography does not interest me. I’m not interested in telling people the story of my life, I’m more interested in modes of perception, of experience, what it means to be looking out of a window.

Joan of Arc: A Life Transfigured by Kathryn Harrison


Joan challenged the sexist social structure of the time, and it’s this subversion of gender roles for which she was killed. It’s the reason why people called her a whore and spit on her, and why so-called righteous men treated her so sinisterly.

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