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Seven Bad Ideas: How Mainstream Economists Have Damaged America and the World by Jeff Madrick

seven bad ideas

While many economists have published books aiming to explain the financial collapse and Great Recession of 2008, Madrick has instead written about the fundamental misconceptions that lie at the heart of mainstream economics. And while the book isn’t nearly as lacerating as his Anti-Economist columns in Harper’s, it should be enough to make any laissez-faire believer have doubts.

The Afflictions by Vikram Paralkar


The Afflictions does not stop at a unique sickness and turn the consequences into a story. It catalogues a world of unknown ailments, touches upon the moral ramifications of each, and lets the reader imagine the rest.

Interview: Adrián Puentes, Latin American Literary Agent

Adrian Puentes.jpg

My goal is to change how the Latin Americans have to pass through Spain before being translated. That process could take years, but my goal is to move my writers directly from Latin America to the English language industry.

Rooms by Lauren Oliver


Rooms questions the way our memories shape who we become and how our secrets can not only capture us, but set us free.

A Little Lumpen Novelita by Roberto Bolaño


I know what you’re thinking: Really? New Directions published another book by Roberto Bolaño? How many more are there? Is the guy writing from beyond the grave? Do readers need another hundred-page Bolaño novella that can be read in one sitting? The answer to that question is yes.

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